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Ayugram Corporate, Social & Cultural Activities

The journey of the organization started in 1995 with the establishment of the firm named COPMI Enterprises. COPMI Enterprises worked in the fields of corporate planning & management information, consultation for the execution of small-scale food industries. Having experience in the business world through project consultancy, Mr. Surendra Kakade, started a manufacturing company named Ayurkisan Herbal Industry, which manufactured herbal juices, prash, syrup, powders, and tablets from top 11 medicinal herbs like Aloe vera, Moringa, Amla, Shatavari, Ashwagandha, Asparagus, Ginger, turmeric, tulsi, neem, gulvel. The demand and customer feedback for the company product have always been taken care of and thus customers prefer Ayurkisan products and are happy with the service. Ayugram, one more promising organization was founded by Mr. Surendra Kakade Sir. The organization works in the field of uplifting farmers, farm products and spreading the awareness of Agripreneurs.
  • Ayugram has an E-Commerce platform named Ayugram E-commerce India Pvt. Ltd. with its official website 

  • Ayugram has created the franchisee network named Ayugram Janaseva Kendra which is the franchise module of Ayurvedic products, Ready-to-eat items, Cosmetics, food supplements, etc.
  • Ayugram gives membership of its community named Ayugram Business Community Members (ABCM) which helps in building a business community that grows hand in hand with their innovation, the supportive hand of Ayugram and Ayugram Community they grow in. ABCM also benefits its members with the referral income which is acting as a side hustle for many community members.

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  • Ayugram works in the education sector through the Ayudnyan Institute of Business Management (AIBM) 
  • Ayugram arranges Taluka, District, State, and National conferences with the name Ayugram Parishad. Ayugram Parishad is benefited by upcoming StartUps, Young farmers, FPO’s, established businessmen, students, etc.
  • Ayugram’s Surajya Global foundation has conducted many International Business tourism. Ayugram International Business Conferences were conducted in UAE, Singapore, and Malaysia. Here in the conferences bankers, established businesspeople, Charter accountants, traders, etc attend the conference and share the opportunities of business expansion in their country. Various B2B deal opportunities are also open during the conference. Conference also help to display product and service of the attendee through the exhibition sections in the conference.


Working For Agripreneurs Development