Heena Shampoo


Get dandruff free, conditioned & uniformly colored hair all by just one shampoo.

Since ancient times Heena has been used to color hair naturally. Prarana Heena shampoo is a unique formula which helps getting nice classic brownish Mehandi color to your hair. It is a great conditioner which helps to maintain the quality of your hair. Henna in the shampoo contains properties that help fight against the bacteria and germs. It gives volume to the hair shaft and also carries essential pigments, making your hair beautiful, silky and strong. A regular application of Prerana Henna Shampoo helps in making the hair stronger & uniformly colored living no white hair.


Sodium laurel ether sulfate, Glycerin, Heena Extract, Preservative, Perfume, QS.

Directions to use:

Apply Prerana Heena shampoo on wet hair. Massage gently for 2 minutes & rinse with water.

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